The forces of nature shape our landscapes, forming rounded rocks or rocky ridges, arid landscapes or rich in vegetation. They are the ones that determine the type and appearance of the soil as it is formed over time directly affected by the climate of each area . Observing the species and the shape of the plants that are around us as well as the morphology of the landscape, we look for the optimal solution for your own configuration.

A landscape has its own history, its own geology and its own soil. Every environment is unique and we must respect and learn from it. We need to address landscapes with greater awareness. It's something that concerns us all. Every extreme weather phenomenon is what reminds us how exposed we are to the various environmental phenomena. All this brings the issue of protection of the natural environment to the limits of your garden. Therefore the protection of the environment and therefore your garden that is part of it, and is very important.

Our principle is to discover the advantages of your unique space and to work on them. We start the design, having defined and collected all the information we need. In the next step we determine the uses of the space based on the data we have already recorded. As uses of space, are all the functional units related to the landscaping.

Once we have identified the functional units, we plan each area in detail, identifying the materials we need, planting, irrigation and lighting.
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